Our services


Bulk excavating/ Filling:

Within the practice of excavation, numerous specialised techniques are available for use. JMC carries out all aspects of excavation, whether it be for initial site stabilisation, trench excavation for utilities, excavation for building foundations etc. We often use the aid of machinery to carry out excavations and hold our own maintained plant. All of our plant operatives are fully trained and hold the correct current qualifications. 



JMC has vast amounts of experience in all aspects of concreting works; no job is too big, or too small. Our operatives are all fully trained and experienced and can provide a service meeting any customer specification. We can lay any amount of concrete and provide any quality finish required. All excavation, shuttering, pouring and finishing is carried out by JMC trained operatives. 


Utility Work:

 JMC provide works for all utilities and hold all current relevant qualification/certification. All operatives hold up to date water hygiene cards. We provide services to both water and gas utilities. Excavating trenches, laying new pipe systems and full backfill/reinstatement. We also provide services to electricity and telecom in the form of laying ducts and pulling cables. All operatives have great experience and follow current regulations and procedures. We also carry out a number of specialist utility disciplines. 


Weco Seal:

Weco seal systems are a specialist discipline carried out by JMC, we have over 25 years experience. The basics of the seal are to provide internal pipe joint seals. As often the requirement for excavation is unnecessary, a cost effective method is internal joint repair.

The Weco seal provides an air tight rubber seal over the joint that is compressed by steel bands. Seals are available in a range of shapes and sizes to cater for most pipes.Trenchless, internal joint sealing is seen as the most efficient method of repairing individual joints. It is a cost effective method compared to total line replacement or other methods of total pipeline rehabilitation. Internal joint sealing can be an effective maintenance program, eliminating the need for constant excavations, therefore reducing both time and cost. Seals are available for any pipe size 600mm – 1500mm and larger, any material and any shape.

 Weco seals are installed internally by JMC installers (all installers confined space trained and hold current water hygiene card) and require up to 1000m between access points. The seals are flexible rubber leak clamps that ensure a non corrodible, bottle tight seal around the full internal pipe circumference of the pipe joint area. Weco seal provides a positive, flexible seal, while saving up to 60% cost compared to conventional excavation methods. Weco seals can be used on practically any material of pipe, concrete, reinforced concrete, cast iron, ductile iron, steel, PE, PVC and more. Seals are serviceable in portable water distribution lines, sanitary sewer lines, storm sewers, natural gas piping, and industrial piping. Also power station cooling water lines, circulation water lines, service water, fresh water and sea water lines. Seals can be designed for, and installed in standard round pipes, as well as pipes that may be unusual shapes, such as oval, square or those containing compound angles. JMC has over 25 years experience in this field, throughout the UK, Ireland and Middle East and would be happy to provide a service consulting and executing the above discipline.  


Mains Bursting:

Mains’ bursting is another specialist utility discipline carried out by JMC. The operation allows trenchless, cost effective replacement of existing corroded pipe. The process requires excavating two pits 100m apart on the pipe, bursting the pipe and feeding through steel rods from pit to pit. The rod is the connected to the cutting head and the new pipe is connected onto that. The cutting head is then winched through, displacing the existing pipe into the surrounding earth and pulling the new PE pipe through with it.


Impact Moling:

Impact moling is a trenchless technique used to install lower diameter pipes. It is often used on driveways or block paved areas to eliminate the need for excavation. The impact mole pulses its way through the earth, creating a path for the pipe, the mole is the disconnected once it reaches its path, and a fitting is added to the end of the hose to connect the new pipe, the hose is then pulled back through the hole, guiding through the new pipe with it.   


Insertion/Slip lining:

Insertion or Slip lining is another discipline carried out by JMC, the procedure includes finding the existing main, bursting the main and inserting a new smaller diameter PE pipe through the old main. The process is trenchless and can be used over long distances, often using a winch or specialist pipe pushing ram. 



JMC also provides another specialist service known as swagelining, and has over 25 years experience in the discipline. The Swagelining system uses PE pipe which has an outside diameter slightly larger than the inside diameter of the pipe to be lined. After sections of PE are fused together to form a continuous pipe, the PE pipe is pulled through a reduction die, which temporarily reduces its diameter. This allows the PE pipe to be pulled through the existing pipeline. After the PE pipe has been pulled completely through the pipe, the pulling force is removed and the PE pipe returns toward its original diameter until it presses tightly against the inside wall of the host pipe. The tight fitting PE liner results in a flow capacity close to the original pipeline design. Swagelining is suitable for the rehabilitation of all types of pressure pipe.  


Road and Path building:

 JMC operatives are fully experienced in resurfacing and constructing both road and path structures. We follow every aspect of the discipline from constructing a firm base, often using recycled materials, to creating a high quality finish. We are able to use various materials dependant on customer specification. 


Foundation Construction:

JMC also carries out a number of building disciplines including building foundations, whether it is for a domestic housing property, or an industrial size building. JMC can provide both shallow and deep foundations. Shallow foundations normally a metre or so in soil and suited for domestic properties, or deep foundations that are used for industrial type buildings that often include steel piling to transfer weight. 


Trench Construction:

JMC has major experience in trench construction and backfill, we hold current NRSWA cards, and all operatives are correctly trained. We hold our own maintained plant to aid in the process of trench digging. We can provide a range of trench sizes, widths and depth to cater for different utilities or needs.


Structural Brickwork:

JMC employs full time bricklayers capable of providing a high quality service. All aspects of brickworks are carried out, Masonry brickwork for domestic properties, masonry brickwork for industrial properties, manholes, block work, bund wall construction, all remedial works. Our bricklayers all hold current relevant qualifications.   


Landscaping is a service JMC are often required to deliver. All aspects of landscaping are available;  Gardening – (more often on an industrial scale) the removal of trees, shrubs, bushes and other objects. Also the addition of trees and bushes, often included in site remedial work.  Land modification – the modification of terrain, land forms or bodies of water.  Material landscaping – the addition of material elements such as structures and fences etc. • Design – JMC are also capable of the design of landscape structures.  


Retaining Walls:

JMC are able to construct retaining walls, capable of supporting structures to prevent erosion, downfall or movement. Retaining walls can also be constructed to hold other materials such as water, to create dams. JMC can construct retaining walls in a number of materials, such as block work, natural stones, concrete, timber or even steel. 


Parking areas:

 JMC construct a number of parking areas, using different materials dependant on customer specification. We carry out all initial site works, excavation and stabilisation. We can provide a number of finishes dependant on demand including; asphalt, concrete, recycled planings etc. Also dependant on specification we can provide white lining, car park lighting, perimeter fencing and even gatehouses. 



JMC constructs a number of tarmac asphalt structures, including roads, driveways, car parks, paths, speed bumps...the list goes on. We are capable of all tarmac disciplines and all our operatives have great experience and also current relevant qualifications. 


Kerbing and Edging:

JMC carry out all aspects of kerbing and edging, as it is often included in other works such as road and path construction. We carry out all works, excavation and laying, and can lay any length of kerbing to your specification.


Slab Laying:

JMC lay all size slabs and carry out the full procedure from excavation, bed laying to slab laying. We can lay slabs to any specification and have great amount of experience.